Meet the steering committee

CARE is academia-driven, international, and peer-governed. Its bodies include the CARE International Steering Committee, the CARE Management Team, and the CARE Office. Meet the committee right here.

An overview

Our members

Aharon Kessel

Haifa, Israel 

Ankur Jindal Chandigarh

Chandigarh, India

Clemens Schöffel

Graz, Austria

Daria Fomina

Moscow, Russia

Henrik Balle Boysen

Horsens, Denmark

Jie Shen Fok

Melbourne, Australia

Karsten Weller

Berlin, Germany

Marc Riedl

San Diego, USA 

Mauro Cancian

Padova, Italy

Petra Staubach

Mainz, Germany 

Tamar Kinanciyan

Vienna, Austria 

Timothy Craig

Hershey, USA

Yu-Xiang Zhi

Beijing, China

Andrea Zanichelli

Milan, Italy 

Anthony Castaldo

Fairfax, USA

Connie Katelaris

Westmead, Australia

Emel Aygören-Pürsün

Frankfurt, Germany

Hilary Longhurst

Auckland, New Zealand

Jonathan Peter

Cape Town, South Africa

Laurence Bouillet

Grenoble, France

Marcus Maurer

Berlin, Germany 

Michihiro Hide

Hiroshima, Japan

Philip Li

Hongkong, China

Stefan Cimbollek

Sevilla, Spain 

Teresa Caballero

Madrid, Spain 

Anete Grumach

Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Asli Gelincik

Istanbul, Turkey 

Danny Cohn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Henriette Farkas

Budapest, Hungary

Inmaculada Martinez-Saguer

Mörfelden, Germany 

Jonathan Bernstein

Cincinnati, USA

Markus Magerl

Berlin, Germany

Moshe Ben-Shoshan

Montreal, Canada

Noemi Bara

Sangeorgiu de Mures, Romania

Stephen Betschel

Toronto, Canada 

Roman Hakl

Brno, Czech Republic

Thomas Buttgereit

Berlin, Germany 

Vesna Grivcheva-Panovska

 Skopje, North Macedonia 

Role and Responsibilities

International Steering Committee Charter

This charter outlines the statutes of CARE, its structure, governance, bodies, and processes. Changes to the structure of CARE and its key processes require the approval of the CARE International Steering Committee by majority vote.

Further registries

Chronic urticaria registry

Find out more about the counterpart to CARE: The CURE Registry.